Equal Education For All

Digi Campus is a project for the establishment of a video bank of school classes

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Seeking Funding

Digi Campus is seeking donor funds, government support and corporate social responsibility contributions to fund the project. Contact Harry at digicampus@newcapital.co.za or +27 83 200 8342


Let us introduce DigiCampus to you.


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Video Examples

Here are some of our lessons to view.


TED and Education

Here are some inspirational TED Talks on education.


How to Change Education - Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson addresses the fundamental economic, cultural, social and personal purposes of education. He argues that education should be personalised to every student's talent, passion, and learning styles, and that creativity should be embedded in the culture of every single school.

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TED Talk

The child-driven education

Education scientist Sugata Mitra tackles one of the greatest problems of education - the best teachers and schools don't exist where they're needed most. In a series of real-life experiments from New Delhi to South Africa to Italy, he gave kids self-supervised access to the web and saw results that could revolutionize how we think about teaching.

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TED Talk

Kids can teach themselves

Speaking at LIFT 2007, Sugata Mitra talks about his Hole in the Wall project. Young kids in this project figured out how to use a PC on their own - and then taught other kids. He asks, what else can children teach themselves?

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